Friday, August 13, 2010

Keeping it fresh all summer long!

I'm not obsessed with my Front Hall (really). It just happens to be the easiest spot in the house to 'change up' when decor-boredom strikes (a frequent occurrence for me).

What to do when decor-boredom strikes?
Answer: A big vase and some fresh cut flowers!

Who doesn't love fresh cut flowers?! They come in an array of brilliant colours, they smell nice, they're cheap and they're readily available, especially in the summer. The red glads were just $3.99 (at Sobeys) and the pink glads were only $3.00 (from an Amish road side stand). They all made me smile every time I walked in my front door.
I think I like the red glads the most. Which one do you like?
P.S. The mirror in these shots is not one of mine. This mirror will be moved soon to make room for a new design that I'm working on. Stayed tuned...


HannahJW said...

I like the yellow one because it reminds me of sunshine!

Emma said...

I like the red glads because the colour has a lot of punch.

Anonymous said...

Interesting what a simple change can do for effect. I like all of them.

Anonymous said...

I like the new fresh look each bunch of flowers brings, they are all beautiful.

DJJ said...

I like the red ones. They look very exotic and they remind me of the painting Son of Man.

Karen J said...

Hey DJJ,
Nice to hear from you!
What do you think about starting a blog that would document the very exciting journey that you're about to take? A photo journal?
I'm thinking that you'd have a lot of followers from the get go.

DJJ said...

I think that is a very good idea!

Anonymous said...

Great front hall ... I like them all but I think the red is my favourite. Not only is the punch of color fantastic but there is something about the height of the flowers in this spot that I like.

Love your blog ... keep it going.

BTW ... how did you take the straight on mirror shots without getting your reflection in them?

Karen J said...

Hi jlm,
I photoshopped myself out:)

ChrisToronto said...

Looks fantastic Karen. You go!