Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Unexpected Makeover

We had no intention of giving our dining room and office a makeover last week but as it seems to be in life it just sort of happened?
It all started with a casual Saturday afternoon visit to our neighbours newly opened flooring store, Monster Flooring. Which lead to...

drove up to cottage for a couple of days, decided enroute to put hardwood down in dining room and office (2 rooms connected by a pocket door).
Monday: ordered hardwood flooring from Monster Flooring, Friday installation arranged.
Wednesday afternoon: drove back from cottage (without kids - enabling us to work at warp speed), moved furniture out of dining room and office, pulled up old white carpet.
Wednesday night: carpet removed, took well deserved (sweaty) Chinese food break.
Thursday morning: disposed of old white carpet (2 kids, 2 dogs - it was more then ready for the dump). Started painting black Ikea bookcase Benjamin Moore's 'Escarpment Grey' (same colour office walls would soon be).
Thursday afternoon: purchased new blinds for office (Blinds To Go). The paper blinds had served their purpose (4 years later?). I was actually starting to get used to them (how scary is that?)
Our unexpected makeover was unexpectedly snowballing...
Friday morning: hardwood started going down:)
Friday afternoon: hardwood installed, started painting first coat of Grey in office (had already painted dining room same colour in April).
Friday night: finished first coat, put second coat on Ikea bookcase.
Saturday morning: painted second coat in office, picked up and installed new blinds, moved furniture back. Unexpected Makeover complete.
Saturday afternoon: drove back up to cottage to get girls and for some well deserved R&R! It was crazy but worth it. I can now officially take 'hardwood flooring in dining room/office' off The Wish list - yeah!

Thank you Monster Flooring. Our new hardwood looks fabulous. And thank you Marathon Man for letting me boss you around for 4 days:)
P.S. I noticed that my old fat Mac is showing it's age. A new Mac is on The Wish list.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Great team work, amazing work effort and the results were well worth it - looks 'clean' and fresh.

Anonymous said...

Looks great, I love it!
Hardwood flooring is now on MY wish list.