Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Taking tiebacks to a whole new level

For those that don't know a tie back is a practical and decorative accessory that holds back curtain panels from a window in order to let light in. With that said...
I was at a gallery in Yorkville (Toronto) last night, GCBESPOKE, for the opening of a show called Tied Back, the reinvention of tiebacks in contemporary times. Melissa Walsh Gorton owner of Reid and Lyons commissioned artists Giani Tariello and Camal Pirbhai to reinterpret the tieback for today's modern interiors. Basically they took the tie back to a whole new level. There was lots of bling and loads of glamour (right up my alley). My photos don't do these pieces justice. You'll just have to take my word for it that they were stunning in all their glorious detail.
Thanks Melissa. It's always enjoyable seeing others so passionate about their work.
Note To Chris Jones of TO Live with Culture and styleNorth (blogger extraordinaire): it was great seeing you!
Note to self: add 'get into Toronto more often' to the to do list.

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