Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Happy with our pretty Laundry Room

The problem: Two weeks ago our laundry room was calling to me for a makeover? Poor thing. I was eager to offer my services but was a little low in 'the funds' department. I had to think, think, think...
The solution: Do a makeover on the cheap. Use leftover paint, borrow things from other rooms and only when needed make some 'small' purchases.
BTW: Marathon Man wanted to know why the laundry room needed to be made over? He got the look and went for a run.
What went down: The walls were painted grey (leftover from the office makeover).
The chandelier (borrowed from H's room) was painted purple (Corrostop Ultra, Benjamin Moore, $20). The first 'small' purchase.
The clock (borrowed from the kitchen) was painted purple.
The cork board or communication board as Marathon Man is now calling it was a 'small' purchase (HomeSense-$49). Its frame was painted purple.
The curtain rod was a 'small' purchase (BouClair-$31).
The purple material (photo doesn't do it justice) was a 'small' purchase (Fabricland-$45).
The 6 tin baskets I've had for awhile. Can't remember where I bought them(?).
The shelving and brackets (hidden by the material) were another 'small'? purchase (Home Depot-$150).
As you can see the 'small' purchases are adding up. They do that. $295 to be exact!?!hhhmm!?!
Was it worth it? Yes. Our laundry room is now very pretty and kind of sexy too.
Special thanks to Hannah, my 9 year old designer in the making, who suggested that we use some hits of purple (plum, actually) to make the room more colourful:)
And a big thanks to my subcontractor/electrician guy, Poppa, for putting up the new shelves and changing up the light:)!

P.S. Marathon Man really likes the new look but doesn't understand why a laundry room needs to be pretty? That's ok, I'm not sure I understand why someone voluntarily runs 26.2miles?
P.S.S. If the family room starts calling to me for a makeover I'm going to ignore it and go fold some clothes.


Anonymous said...

A 'pretty and sexy (?)' laundry room certainly makes it more inviting to spend time sorting, washing and folding the 'endless' pile of clothes, towels, bedding etc. a family uses. It looks much warmer and the chandelier adds a little 'class' to the utility area.
I'm sure the 'look' from MM is one of appreciation now.

Sue said...

Looks great!!

Miska, Tyro & Diva said...

Karen, your ideas are always an inspiration! I may use some of them in a makeover of the top of the basement stairs where the vacuum cleaner hoses & other cleaning stuff & gunk are tossed. PS, how is Rita? She's going to be a Birthday Girl soon.


Karen J said...

Hi Sylvia,
Thanks for stopping by.
Rita is doing great. It's hard to believe that she'll be 14 in October!
I'll post some pictures of her on her birthday.