Monday, September 27, 2010

You've got to be kidding!?!

After reading this headline my head was spinning!
Is this guy for real!?!
Perhaps Mr. Ford needs to go for a little run to clear his mind (among other things).
It's hard to believe that he could be running (pun intended) The city of Toronto very soon.
Look out Word On the Street you could have a new location next year, neatly tucked away in a park somewhere - just how Mr. Ford seems to like things.
Read more from 680 News here.


M said...

'Razing Rob" reminds me of 'Machete Mike" and we paid dearly for those 'changes'. The marathon and other runs bring an excitement and energy to the streets of the GTA not to mention tourism and support of important causes such as a 'cure for cancer'.
Perhaps Mr. Ford should don his sneakers and join the runners down Yonge Street to experience our city and the participants who make it happen.
By the way Rob, it's okay if you walk.

Karen J said...

Well said M!
Plus, do you think world renowned runners, like Kenneth Mungara (Toronto Waterfront Marathon 2010 winner), would come to Toronto if they knew they'd be looping around a park a hundred times!?!
P.S. His time was an amazing 2:07:58, a record breaker for this race.

ChrisToronto said...

Sorry to tell you that Word on the Street has already been shunted to a Park, Queen's Park where it was held last weekend.

Karen J said...

Oh no! Should it be 'Word On the Park' now?
Thanks for keeping me in the loop Chris.