Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Another unexpected makeover

We've thought about it, we've talked about it and now we're actually doing it.
Finally, after 4.5 years in this house, our Kitchen is getting a well deserved makeover!
The plan is to go slow, working one project at a time, so we won't be 'without' a kitchen for more then a couple of days. Most of the work (back splash, trim, painting etc) will be done by me and my handyman Dad (little does he know).
Here's the big picture...
Project #1, Lighting
Project #2, The Island
Project #3, New counter tops?
Project #4, The Backsplash
Project #5, Painting The Cupboards - to go white or not to go white?

Project #1, Lighting.
Obviously we need more.
The Plan: There will be lots of pot lights and 2 pendants over the island.
I've met with the Electrician and unfortunately, the joists (in our ceiling) are not 'running' in our favour so in order "to do things right" our ceiling is going to take a beating (cutting into a big chunk of the drywall).
Action: Handyman Dad is booked for this Sunday (to lend a hand with that little job) and Electrician guy is booked for the following week.
*Note to Marathon Man:
Cutting into the drywall is the only ugly/messy part of all our projects and we'll still have full access to our kitchen...except on the days that the drywall guy is here:)...actually the black splash grouting could get a bit messy too...but we'll get to that when we get to it.
Stay tuned for the 'messy ceiling' post (she said with a giddy giggle)...

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M said...

I think 'handyman Dad' suspects a request is coming when he hears "I have an idea ... " .
It will be interesting to follow the makeover.