Thursday, March 10, 2011

Happy Thursday!

Wow! What a day. I haven't even had lunch yet and 2 wonderful things have already happened.
Mosaicworks is featured in styleNorth and my Ruler Mirror is featured in Design*Sponge.
I'm strolling into the weekend and our March Break doing my own little version of the happy dance (it's very subtle). A big thanks to Design*Sponge! And an even bigger thanks (again) to stylenorth!
Now...what to have for lunch?


M said...

It's rather cool to know that your 'creations' are being viewed, via the internet, by art and design lovers around the world - a good motivator when you are laboring in your studio day after day (part of the reality of those beautiful pieces).

Shannon said...

Oh MY! I subscribe to stylenorth and just saw your mirrors!!! Holy cow! Amazing. And congrats on the features...hmmm, would you like/mind a little featurette on our blog too? (We're Durham residents too, living and designing in Ajax).

Karen J said...

Thanks Shannon.
Feature away!

Mel said...

I came over from Design Sponge to get a closer look at your pencil framed mirror.

Your work is amazing, your home is beautiful and you are Canadian too!

I'm following so that I can continue to be inspired.

Karen J said...

Yes Mel, a very Canadian Gal! Born and raised in Toronto. Lived in Halifax, then Kitchener and now Oshawa.
Happy March Break!

char said...

Saw you feature on design sponge and ventured onto your site for a peek. Great work! Original. Fresh. Inspiring.

Feel a bit of a kinship. I too was born and raised in Toronto. Did the corporate shpeel.....Now full time ceramic artist working from my home studio and raising two children in Winnipeg...nice to meet you!

Karen J said...

Hi Char. Nice to meet you.
Ventured onto your site for a peek too. Your work is lovely.
How could I not feel the kinship?