Saturday, March 12, 2011

A well laid out plan

The best part about creating mosaic mirrors is that the design possibilities are endless. The worst part about creating mosaic mirrors is that the design possibilities are endless. With that said it's no surprise that things can get ugly, real fast - unless you have a plan.
I try to keep my designs clean and simple and start every project with a plan. A plan comes in the form of a 1'x1' sample board or swatch board (if you're a knitter).
Over the past couple of years I've made a lot of sample boards. Some work, some don't. Even the smallest design changes merit a new board. The most important thing about these boards is that they're huge time savers and make the construction stage of any project effortless (mindless really).
A well laid out plan - always a good thing.
I'm kind of liking that these sample boards, as a collective, have taken on a life of their own - the magic of mosaics.


M said...

Planning is critical and another part of what underlies beautiful work. So many of us don't realize the time involved in art creations.
Have you considered teaching (in your spare time?)? The samples would be a good start for beginning mosaicist.

La Mirada de Medusa said...

Wow!!! Great job!
I love your mosaic-mirrors
Plased to meet you

Karen J said...

Thanks La Mirada de Medusa!

Anonymous said...

Do you share information about the products (mounting board, hanging hardware, etc.) that you find useful? I, too, am into mosaics and your mirrors are unique and inspirational. I lean towards mosaic landscapes and natural scenes and have been using mdf but wonder if there's a better foundation and hanging system. Any sharing of ideas would be so gratefully appreciated!! Love, love, love your work and have sent your web address to many...

Karen J said...

Thanks Anonymous,
I'm always open to sharing...
I don't like mdf - too heavy. I use 3/4" ply (woods vary).
And I love Lee Valley for hanging hardware!

Nan in Monticello, WI said...

WOW! I absolutely love your work, all of it! I work in stained glass mosaics and love the whole process of a project. Makes me feel all "artsy".
I was so inspired by you that I am attempting to create one of my own. I am using mother of pearl tiles (1/4" x 3/4") and beads. I have tried to zoom in as close as possible on your work. it doen't look like you use any grout. Is that so? Any advice or tips to guide me in the right direction?
Thanks Much,

Karen J said...

Hi Nan,
No,no grout.
My #1 tip - always make a sample board. It'll save hours and hours of time (later).

Rennie said...

wow~!!!!!!!! im speechless omg this is just stunning i wish i lived in canada. i hope im not intruding by asking this but i want to make over my bathroom mirrors they are so dull and i love how you did yours over.. do u just use clear mosaic glue for the tiles? this is just so inspiring. keep up the good work bc you are most def. making a difference by inspiring other artists. =) you should teach this.

Karen J said...

Hi Rennie,
Thanks so much. Always happy to inspire!
The glue I use is called Weldbond.

Teaching? interesting idea...