Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hannah's Bedroom Makeover

We started Hannah's bedroom makeover during our March Break and finished it today, which happens to be her 10th birthday. We said goodbye to Benjamin Moore's 'Million Dollar Red', painted the walls and chandelier white and punched things up with yellow. We couldn't be happier, especially with the accent wall! This was our first experience with wallpaper and we just might be hooked. Happy Birthday Miss Hannah. If you were a colour you'd be yellow - a bright, beautiful burst of sunshine.

Dog Print - from Etsy, by a Toronto based Illustrator
Lamps beside the bed - Value Village, $7.99 each
Night tables - Craigslist, $12.50 each
Yellow Daisy Mirror - Mosaicworks
White Glam Mirror - Mosaicworks
Wallpaper - From 'The Ink Book' through Benjamin Moore


M said...

Looks fantastic - a breath of fresh air. And, what a lovely 'birthday present'. Happy Birthday, Hannah.

Sue said...

I LOVE your new room, it is absolutely beautiful.

wowaccountforsale said...

Wonderful! I love the yellow tones and the black and white wall, its so pretty. Looks more comfy, happy and light, nice choice!

ChrisToronto said...

WOW! Can I scalp this for styleNorth? Great work, Karen.

Mel said...

How did I miss this?! What a gorgeous room. Lucky girl.