Sunday, July 24, 2011

Why we love NYC!

Last week we spent 4 days in New York City. We stayed at a cool hotel, saw a ball game, saw a Broadway show, ate great food, walked The Brooklyn Bridge, ran in Central Park, went to The Guggenheim, went to The Met (saw the amazing Alexander McQueen Exhibit, Savage Beauty) and shopped 'til we dropped at an outlet mall!
That's why we love NYC. And that's why we've got to go back!


M said...

Great ad for NYC. It makes one want to pack one's bag ... .
Now if you did as nice a photo op for the GTA I might want to check it out as well :)

Lisa - A Room with A View said...

New follower! Love your before and after pics. Just spent a day at the Met with my kids (live outside nyc)!

Karen J said...

Hi Lisa,
Living outside of NYC - lucky you!
We loved it.