Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Durham 1/4 Marathon 2011

Today was The Durham 1/4 Marathon. It's a great run for a great cause. This year they added The 1/8 Marathon (5.27 km) to the event. Apparently it's the first 1/8 Marathon in Canada. So...this year instead of doing the 1/4 Marathon (10.549 km) my sister and I decided to do the 1/8 and make it a family affair. I ran with my daughter and she ran with her son. It was the first organized race for both of them. We all finished, without stopping (yeah!) and we all got medals (bonus yeah!). It was a day full of big sweaty smiles and lots of high fives:) Thankfully this year it wasn't as hot as it was last year. But we still welcomed the hose that The Oshawa Fire department offered up for those who wanted a quick cool down.
I've got to give a big thanks to Mr. Fireman for providing us with a great photo opt! And thanks again Sue, Jesse (12) and Emma (13). I'm really looking forward to next year as our crew is growing.
Next year, plus Hannah (10), we'll be a crew of 5.


M said...

Way to go to all of you - a fun way to do something to help others.

Sue said...

What a great picture! Way to go Emma and Jesse! It was a fun run.

Jesse said...

I loved the run it was lots of fun! see you at the next one!