Saturday, August 6, 2011

Welcome Will!

It's a happy hello after Thursday's sad goodbye.
This is our new boy, Will (William when he's up to no good). Will will be our 3rd Vizsla (hard to believe) so we know what we're in for:)!!! Vizsla's are a lovely breed - affectionate, loyal and very active (not a problem with Marathon Man milling about).
We're very happy to welcome Will into our world but at the same time very sad that he didn't get to meet Rita. We had a plan. It changed :(
Rita would have embraced Will...we're positive...pretty positive...

Rita, August 2011. We miss you.


M and B said...

I think Rita's spirit is there welcoming Will into her home. His little face has a look of an older wiser soul. We look forward to meeting him.

Sue said...

He is ADORABLE! I can't wait to meet him!! And remember if you need a puppy sitter you have my number.

L said...

Laura said
I love your scenario!! welcome Will, he is beautiful and looks like an old sole...definitely looks like a good fit.