Friday, September 9, 2011

Our Kitchen Makeover continues...project #6, *!#*@? Wallpaper

Last weekend I added another project (#6, Wallpaper) to Our Kitchen Makeover, which is almost done by the way. I decided that instead of painting the walls above the cupboards, for a change, I'd wallpaper them. My thinking was that it would add some warmth and texture to the space. I chose a very subtle floral print from Lowes (on clearance for $8 a roll). I figured that at that price I couldn't go wrong.
I thought it would be a small, easy job. I thought it would take about half a day. WRONG.
It ended up being a big job that ate up most of my our long weekend. There were a number of issues...
#1. Getting in and above the cupboards was a pain in the ass - very awkward!
#2. There was a lot of cutting to be done because the wall area was so short - very time consuming!
#3. The paper colour (white on white) made it almost impossible to see when matching up the pattern - very annoying!
There was a lot of swearing. It went painfully slow. Eventually it got done. The amusing part (but not to me) is that it's so subtle that if you blink you'll miss it (lol).
In the end I think it looks good. Would I do it again? Hmmm, probably not. But like I said it looks good. And isn't that all that really matters?:)


M said...

Im looking forward to see the finished kitchen.

Alan said...

Wallpaper? Where we're going, we don't need wallpaper.

The "vintage" phone is very cute.

Karen J said...

Where are you going Alan?

Anonymous said...

Subtle, but very nice.
Small spaces are always the hardest to paper, you can't move around.
Swearing is professional protocol, yes?

Sue said...

It's looking good, can't wait to see the whole Kitchen finished.