Saturday, September 24, 2011

Running in the zoo with my cub

This morning Emma and I ran 5k in The Toronto Oasis Zoo Run. I was too late signing up for the 10k (it filled up quickly) so I opted for the 5k and asked Emma (13) to join me. It was so much fun running through The Toronto Zoo with her ('with' for 3k actually - then she left me in the dust). I was happy with my time, 29:21.9 (yeah! I broke 30) and thrilled with Emma's, 26:25.0 (the girl is fast).
Looking forward to next year. And I'll be sure to sign up early as it'll be Emma's first Zoo 10k:)
Top photos: brightroom


M said...

Hey Emma,
Way to go !!! And you too Karen :)

Sue said...

Go Emma!! Look out Marathon Man!

Designwali said...

awww...i hope i can do that with my daughter one day!