Friday, September 16, 2011

Deer Antlers in The Kitchen?

Photos, September 2011
Sometimes it's hard deciding where to put stuff (for me it's mostly about furniture and art). I like moving stuff around a lot, always looking for just the right spot. I decided to put our new old chair in the kitchen. I think it's in just the right spot.
I've been looking for just the right spot for our Deer Antlers for years. I think I've found it, above the new old chair.
Where did our Deer Antlers come from you ask?...
The Deer Antler Story: It was the winter of 2007. The girls (9 and 6 at the time) and I were out walking the dogs, in the woods behind our subdivision, when we came upon a deer carcass. It was in the final stages of decomposition so it was mostly bones. The antlers and skull were beautiful and my first thought was how cool they'd look in our house plus I saw a 'teaching moment'. Which one motivated me into action you'll never know;). We went home and returned with the necessary supplies - gloves, a green garbage bag, a hammer and a saw. I think you know where this is girlie girls here. Teaching moments are too important - no time for that s*#t). Removing the skull from the top vertebrae was surprisingly difficult. It took a lot of muscle and a little help from the hammer and saw. Stay with me...and remember it was DEAD and had been that way for a long time. Eventually we got the job done. On the way home I couldn't help but wonder what I'd say if a neighbour asked, "whacha got in the bag?"...
At home we simply googled how to prepare Deer Antlers for mounting and followed the instructions. Yes, it was that easy. My only mistake was that I boiled it IN the house (not the smartest move) the smell was nasty and lingered for days! I'll know better for next time.
This was definitely one of my more memorable Mommy Moments and lucky me that it came with a bonus, Deer Antlers that are now in just the right spot, in the kitchen, above the new old chair.

Photos, Winter 2007


Miska, Tyro & Diva said...

And here I thought Bob or Rita brought it home to you. LOL It does have the "je ne sais pas" feeling about it in a kitchen. I'll certainly know to NOT boil something like that in the house in future.

M said...

Great story and a good example of 'recyclng'.
Chair and antlers are an interesting composition. And why not?

Blue Velvet Chair said...

I just love the chair! Can't wait to see the full reveal.

Anonymous said...

oh! Karen... You remind me of my childhood by the forest!!! out in the nature and discover its magic. My kids got a chance to eat wild blueberries and see squarels this summer when we went there for the summer. {We live in a desert area of the world now, so for them seeing a squarel is unbelivable} LOL!

Can I please ask you what kind of glue you use under your clear crystal beads and rhinestone chain? Is the crystals glass or what?

can't wait for more "fairy work dust" from you!

Karen J said...

Hi Anonymous,
Living in the desert - that sounds interesting!
I use Weldbond (

ChrisToronto said...

OMG you're awesome! I may have to re-blog this on stylenorth.