Wednesday, January 4, 2012

First new year switch up

Our Front Hall gets switched up a lot. The first before shot was taken over the Christmas holidays (our shortest lived vignette to date). I bought the red table at HomeSense, in early December, with the intention of painting it white and putting it in Emma's room. When I brought it home everyone loved the colour! It was so very festive (and notably? Pantone's colour of the year). On Hannah's begging urging we decided that it would stay red and become part of our 2011 very simple Christmas decor scheme.
We ended up liking it there so much that it almost stayed there. Almost. Three days after Christmas I painted it white, changed the knobs (Anthropologie:) and topped it off with a piece of clear glass.

It's now in Emma's room where, as you can see, it was desperately needed - yikes! And our front hall is back to the way it was - for now.

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M said...

So that's how you get a teenager to clean up 'the room' - out him or her on cyberspace :), and then throw in a new desk for incentive. Brilliant.