Friday, January 13, 2012

My Creative Process

I like to divide my creative process into two parts. The first part is the hard one, coming up with a design that works. Taking many different elements and having them work together or "play nice" to quote Sonia King is a tricky task.
Part 1. Every new mirror that I make begins with something that inspires me. That inspiration leads to lots of ideas dancing around in my head which leads to a couple of sketchy designs (still in my head) which leads to gathering supplies (many never used) which leads to laying things out (not everyone wants to play nice) which leads to a finished sample or swatch board - my well laid out plan. When part one works I move on to part two, the easy one.
Part 2. Construction.
I thought I'd share a new design/sample board that I've been working on. It's all about teal blues and turquoise and should make for a stunning mirror. Can't wait to get started on part 2.
BTW: the ideal of working with different colour variations on this design has the right side of my brain spinning!

My inspiration; beautiful bridal sarees


Designwali said...

Gorgeous! your piece looks like a sari! Love this post.

M said...

How beautiful - your design and colours create a sense of movement like the lovely wedding saris.

Handyman said...

One of your best & shows you can ignore the "old" three rule, way to go.

Sue said...

Sooo beautiful!! and I agree with Handyman, one of your best.

Susan said...

Love how vibrant and detailed this swatch board!