Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Silver Pencil Mirror

Last June I posted about gathering supplies for a new version of my Pencil Mirror. Seven months's finished (been busy:). The timing was right as I was ready for our living room to have a new look.
The Silver Pencil Mirror is 40.25" in diameter and made with hand cut grey vitreous glass tiles, clear glass seed beads, chain rhinestone and 228 silver personalized pencils that read ARS GRATIA ARTIS, latin for 'art for the sake of art'. It's lovely and fits in nicely with our newly renovated kitchen. I'm pleased.
William appears to be indifferent to all the excitement. I think he fancies himself a cat?

I'm in the process of gathering supplies for another pencil mirror. It'll be my ode to The USA and our global economy:). The personalized coloured pencils are in the mail. Stay tuned...

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M said...

The new decor creates a serene quiet effect which Will aptly demonstrates.