Sunday, February 19, 2012

Making The Colour Wheel Mirror

I thought I'd share the process of making The Colour Wheel Mirror. (1) With all my mirrors I start with a swatch board which determines the design - colours, size, elements used etc. With that, and a little math, I determine how many tiles, beads or whatever else I'm using will be needed to complete the project (running out of stuff half way into a project is never a good thing). Having more supplies then you think you'll need is always a good idea. (2) My canvas is 3/4" plywood which is primed then painted becoming the guide for laying out the design - a paint by number of sorts. (3) With the canvas ready and the supplies gathered (4) I'm good to go for laying things down. (5) One 3/4" vitreous glass tile (using glass tile nippers) is cut into 6ths. (6) These pieces (tesserae*) are then laid down and glued into place. When the mosaic is complete (7) the mirror is dropped into place and the back is wired up for hanging (8). And that's that. Then it's onto the next one...

*tessera, n pl -serae [-səˌriː] (Fine Arts & Visual Arts / Ceramics) a small square tile of stone, glass, etc., used in mosaics


Lorna Themelis said...

This is beautiful. Wish you were in Alberta and offered classes!

Anonymous said...

Love this mirror - I'll never do it, 'cause I'm just too lazy(!) but I could just look at your work for hours on end. Thanks for letting me dream!