Saturday, June 2, 2012

Grad Dress Makeover

Our Emma is graduating from grade 8 in a couple of weeks so we've been busy getting ready for the big night. When I say ready I mean getting The Dress ready because it's really all about the dress!
The Before and After shots say it all.
We found the dress - a worn once, custom made, bridesmaids dress - on kijiji 3 months ago for $40. It was the exact colour and style Emma wanted, it just needed a little stardust. We took up the hem, tied the bow in the back, beaded the bodice and bought the perfect pair of shoes.
Emma love, love, loves her Grad Dress and can't wait for the big night. My job is done here:)


Bren said...

That stardust is amazing, your dress
is beautiful. Have a great time Emma.

M said...

Lovely. Add clothing designer to your and Emma's talents.
Congratulations on your graduation Emma, I look forward to seeing 'the picture'.

Sue said...

The dress looks great and I love the shoes!! Have a great time Emma.

ChrisToronto said...

Emma's Mom is a genius! A thrifty genius.

Colleen Arnold said...

Lucky girl to have a talented mom like you!