Thursday, May 31, 2012

Happy First William

Our William turned 1 today - such a handsome boy. Hannah made him a cake. Although I didn't taste it - it smelt wonderful. I'm sure it was worth the 'wait' for both of them.

Six puppies were born on May 31, 2011 to Mama "Miska" and Papa "Brick". Four boys and two girls. Bentley (Mr.Green), Bodi (Mr.Blue), Charlie (Mr.Black), Elsie (Miss Yellow), Stella (Miss Red) and our William (on the right).


Miska, Tyro & Diva said...

Happy 1st Birthday Will!! What a handsome boy you've turned into. And what great willpower (ha, ha, no pun intended) you have. That's an awesome cake! Hope you shared it with Kate.

Much love & many hugs,
Breeder mom & Mama Miska

UrbanBodi said...

Happy 1st Birthday, William!!!

M said...

"Uh ... thanks Hannah ... uh ... looks good ... uh ... maybe later?"
Can you believe what one year's growth brings? Will is a fine looking dog. Happy 1st Birthday.

Sue said...

Happy 1st Birthday Will!!
What a great cake, enjoy!

Riley and Stella said...

Wow Stella is jealous she didn't get a cake like that! Happy Birthday William, it looks like you were appropriately spoiled for the day.

Bren said...

Happy Birthday William, Looks like a great cake, hope your wishes came true once you ate the candles.