Thursday, August 30, 2012

Rock Climbing!

Yesterday we headed to Rattlesnack Point to experience rock climbing for the first time. It was a memory making day! Thanks again Dustin (my nephew, the girl's cousin) for being such a fabulous, fun and incredibly patient instructor.

Hard to believe it was their first time! (Left) Emma, 13. (Right) Hannah, 11.


Sue said...

Yes, thanks Dustin!! L,J and R say,
"Best day every"!!

M said...

I didn't know that we had such beautiful 'country' for hiking and climbing etc so close to Toronto. What a great way for families to spend a day together.

Sylvia said...

Pretty amazing for your first time! I'd be scared witless!

ChrisToronto said...

Go Karen! The view and climbing are even better from Mt. Nemo, across the way; it's one of my favorite spots in this part of Ontario. Glad you've shared Rattlesnake with your readers.