Thursday, August 29, 2013

Stressless Shipping

Stressless shipping. Is that an oxymoron?

This is my Turquoise Bead Mirror. One of my favourite creations. Recently it was sold and shipped off to California - lucky mirror. Being rather delicate, this mirror needed to be packaged with great care. It felt like I was sending my first born off, to live in another country, 2700 miles away, on a bus, with a driver I didn't know, one that was indifferent. Stress.
The bad news (I like bad news first) is that US customs ignored all of my carefully planned 'how to open this package instructions' and bent some wires while inspecting things (can't they use sniffer dogs for that?). Stress.
The good news (sigh of relief here) is that no damage was done. Translation, the mirror arrived safely (yeah). Stressless.
Hope she enjoys living in California.
Packaging 101; over packaging is a good thing.
Making things nice and tight is a must.
Then you're good to go!
P.S. Don't forget to cross your fingers that US customs doesn't open it for inspection:)


M said...

Phew - stress upon stress, and like 'everychild' you will feel just as anxious the next time you send one of your precious ones off to the unknown. It is a beautiful piece - lucky California.

Keggy25 said...

This is gorgeous. How much was it or would it be to do another?