Sunday, September 1, 2013

Thank You Pretty Handy Girl!

A couple of weeks ago I was asked to do a guest post on PrettyHandyGirl. Brittany, aka Pretty Handy Girl found her way to my blog via Pinterest:)
Brittany is a creative, handy, DIYer. My kind of woman. Interestingly, through our email exchanges we discovered that we had very similar career paths, from art school for illustration to working as graphic designers. My kind of woman!
Thanks again Brittany (the flowers are for you:) and hello to all the PrettyHandyGirl readers that have stopped by.

1 comment:

Brittany (aka Pretty Handy Girl said...

Oh no thank you! I've never received a blog post thank you complete with flowers. I'm touched :-). Speaking of which, let's stay in touch.