Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Change is Good.

A couple of months ago Emma started talking about painting her room (again). It didn't take much to get me on board:) I'm always game for some decor change. She just had to pick a colour...
A couple of days before she went off to a weekend leadership camp we purged, cleaned and emptied the room.
This is what Emma's room looked like the Thursday before she went away. Yikes!
And this is what Emma's room looked like when she returned the following Monday.
Benjamin Moore's Cloud White, Benjamin Moore's Black.
Yes I can paint a room in a weekend but not much else gets done (Marathon Man and Hannah barely saw me all weekend).
Emma was very happy with her room's new look. She plans on adding some funky boho pillows and a quilt from Anthropology. All of which she'll purchase with her own money, earned from her first job. Yeah!
Change is good:)


M said...

It would make a good book on "the morphing of rooms'.
E's room looks great. I guess you could call the pre leadership weekend 'outing' a teen and the post 'lets see how long it looks like this :)

Sue said...

Emma's room looks great! I love B@W.