Thursday, May 22, 2014

My New Studio/Guest Room

All the moving around, switching up and painting that we've been doing lately started with me wanting to move my studio space from our dark, unfinished basement to our bright, spacious guest room. Beds were switched, shelves were made and lots of painting was done.
I'm happy to say that I'm no longer working in 'the hole' as Marathon Man often called it. Our guest room is now my new studio/guest room. I'm loving all the light, the dogs are loving the day bed and how could our next company not love waking up to a room full of mosaics?!
From dark Basement...
To full of light Studio/Guest Room
I made 4 shelves that are all 8ft long. They were easy to make and are perfect for displaying my many sample boards.
Now it's time to get back to making mosaics and for William to take a nap:)


M said...

Your new studio looks nice, clean and bright but there is something cozy and arty about
'the Hole'.
Maybe the new pad just has to be messed up a bit, like a real work room . And It would be nice to wake up to all that lovely art - along with the dogs :)

Miska, Tyro & Diva said...

Having a Vizsla lounging in the middle of the studio makes it perfect! LOL

Sue said...

Looks great.

Ashley Harrison said...

Love the new space!