Thursday, January 21, 2010


It all starts with an opening night gala called 'The Ultimate'.
It's hard to believe that this will be my 3rd year (and counting) at The IDS and in Studio North.
Studio North was created by the Interior Design Show/IDS seven years ago to showcase emerging and established design talent within Canada. It has since tripled in size and is the place to see many new and exciting, one of a kind works and limited edition collections.
The Mosaicworks booth is #SN-13.


Anonymous said...

We'll be there.

Sylvia said...

Good luck with the show. Hope you gets of attention and exposure for your works. Sorry we can't make it. It's a bit of a trek from AZ.

Lauren said...

Hi Karen!

It was lovely seeing you again and chatting away. I could have stayed all day but figured you needed to talk to people about your beautiful mirrors. :)

Keep in touch, and I'll let you know once we find a house we like!

lynn said...

Hello Karen, really nice to meet you Friday
at IDS. As promised! I am leaving a comment!
Your new white mirrors were even more beautiful
in person than the (excellent)photo. Hope you
had a good show. Lynn

Karen Johnston said...

Thanks Lynn!