Saturday, February 19, 2011

And then there was light!

Our Kitchen Makeover is moving along nicely. Project #1 is done and we're thrilled with the results.
Hard to believe that only14 days ago Marathon Man and Handyman Dad we're slamming away at our kitchen ceiling while I cleaned up after them. Since then The Electrician came and went (after which I cleaned up). The Drywall guys came and went (after which I cleaned up). The ceiling was painted (not my favourite job) and The Electrician came back and when he left I cleaned up (happily). And now we have light and lots of it!
It's on to Project #2, The Island.
Have already invited Handyman Dad over for Sunday dinner to discuss.
Project #1,- Lighting
Project #2, The Island
Project #3, New counter tops
Project #4, The Backsplash
Project #5, Painting Cupboards - to go white or not to go white?Looking back it's hard to believe that we only had 1 light in this kitchen! What was the builder thinking!?!!!


M said...

Genesis 1, 3: ... Let there be light: and there was light.
Interesting metaphor for how important lighting is in our lives.
Your kitchen has a more interesting look but it would be hard to say why if you didn't see the 'before' and 'after' pictures. And, bad lighting in a kitchen for cooks is a big irritant.
We're looking forward to the next project.

Gretchen Peck said...

I like your pendant lights. Do you mind sharing where you got them?

Karen J said...
1549 Avenue Road, Toronto