Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Our Kitchen Makeover...Project #2, The Island

I've found the inspiration shot (bottom/left) and drawn the sketch. We're* ready to start Project #2 (The Island) of our Kitchen Makeover.
The plan is to make our island look more like a piece of furniture by adding a bookcase to one end - giving us a place to display our beloved cookbooks (yeah). We'll pretty things up with some trim, half newels and knees (carpenter talk) then paint it black. The island will grow from 64" to 80" long giving us enough room to add a 4th stool (yeah). The icing on this cake will be changing up the yucky laminate top for a white corian or quartz top (still looking at samples and gathering quotes on that one).
Stay tuned...
* 'We' meaning Handyman Dad and me. I draw it, he builds it - doesn't get much better than that!
Project #1, Lighting
Project #2, The Island
Project #3, New counter tops
Project #4, The Backsplash
Project #5, Painting The Cupboards - to go white or not to go white?


M said...

Nice team work. There should be some good meals for Handyman Dad when project # 2 is finished what with all those cookbooks close at hand.
Looking good ... .

Sue said...

This is all so exciting!! What a great idea for the island. I love the lights and can't wait to see each step of the Kitchen makeover.

Shannon said...

"I draw and he builds it" Lol. Sounds like our house!