Friday, May 6, 2011

Our 'new' old Console Table

We bought this Console Table on Craigslist ($80) about a month ago. It was all about the 3 drawers. As you can see in the before shot it was a little sad looking. Marathon Man didn't say anything but I'm pretty sure he was thinking I drove all the way to Etobicoke for this?! Little did he know...
We added some trim to the front of the drawers, replaced the knobs (love you Anthropology), painted it black and topped it off with a piece of clear glass. Now he knows...
It looks fabulous in our Front Hall (it was due for a change;) and we all agree that it was worth the drive to Etobicoke.

P.S. Thanks again Marathon Man for driving to Etobicoke* twice! (on the first trip it wouldn't fit in his car - oops).
*For everyone from away -  Oshawa (where we live) to Etobicoke is about 60kms (37miles). That means Marathon Man put in 240kms (148miles) for this baby:)


M said...

It's amazing what an idea, a can of paint and a little 'elbow grease' can do.
The beautiful mirror and flowers don't hurt either. Nice.
You might consider a picture story book called 'The many faces of a foyer'.

Miska, Tyro & Diva said...

OK Karen! You may be inspiring me to do something similar with a scratched, stained teak desk which would look a whole lot better in our entrance hall if it were refurbished. Did you do anything to the wood before you painted your wood console?

Karen J said...

Hi Sylvia,
I just filled the little scuffs and scratches with wood fill, sanded and painted with Benjamin Moore's 'Advance', high-gloss (it's great stuff).
P.S. Good luck on June 1st!

Sylvia said...

How much do you sand? Light sanding or major? What grind or whatever the factor is for smoothness or roughness of sandpaper?
Mixed feelings about this litter. Excited about puppies but kinda sad it WILL be my last (well, famous last words).

Karen J said...

Just a little sanding (Medium and fine). I'm never looking for perfect.
Vizsla puppies are very good at pulling the heart strings!