Monday, January 17, 2011

Switching up our Front Hall (again)

I don't think our Front Hall has stayed the same for more then 2 months? The other day I started moving things around again (the nature of the beast).
It has a bit of a French Provincial feel now, non? The white mirror is one of mine, from The Glam Series (Karen's Mirror).Why do I switch up the Front Hall so often? I secretly like to put Marathon Man's observation skills to the test. Sometimes he notices the (frequent) changes and sometimes he doesn't (the nature of the beast!?!).


Sue said...

I LOVE your new front hall, it is classy, clean and welcoming!

M said...

I like it too. Classy and practical- a place to put your boots on.
Change is fun but do you think that Marathon Man wonders momentarily that he's entered the wrong home? One could almost hear him muttering: "I could have sworn there was a black mirror there ... ."

Shannon said...

:) Your house is stunning! I love to move things around to see if the hubster notices...sometimes he does sometimes he doesn't. :)

IvyS said...

I'm loving your work and all the puppy photos. Can I ask where the white ottoman is from? I'm in love with it.

Karen J said...

Hi IvyS,
Thanks (bit of a dog lover).
The ottoman was from
Purchased then reupholstered with a white canvas.