Tuesday, September 13, 2011

From Granny to Graphic

This is our new old chair fresh from The Upholsterer. Wow! that's what I said when I picked it up.
Many years ago my parents passed this chair onto me. It belonged to my paternal great grandmother. When I first got it the back was caned and it was painted white. Since then it has been stripped, stained, painted and reupholstered three times - if only it could talk.
I love the new look. I figure it'll be around for at least a couple of years:)
Now, where to put it?...
The paint is Benjamin Moore's Black and the material is from Mood fabrics, New York. I bought it when we were there in July.


M said...

Wow! is right. It looks so modern for a very old chair. I look forward to seeing where it will sit.

Sue said...

OOHHHH I LOVE IT!! and have just the place in my house for it.

Blue Velvet Chair said...

What a great before and after! I kid you not...I have a friend who said she is going to give me a chair that is similar to this, and my idea was to paint the frame black and use a black & white fabric on it. This just shows me that is going to be the right direction. Thanks for the inspiration.

Karen J said...

You're Welcome Michael!
I'll be checking in to see how yours turns out.

ChrisToronto said...

Fantastic! Great choice of colour and fabric. How was the upholstery experience? Pricey?