Sunday, January 23, 2011

From curb-side trash to sofa-side treasure

I finally got around to working on my great find from last summer. I found this lamp in someone's trash while out for a morning run and am now so happy that I lugged it home.
It didn't take much to take it from 'curb-side trash to a sofa-side treasure'. It was rewired (Home Depot's all in one kit), painted grey (Benjamin Moore's escarpment) and topped with a new shade (HomeSense). Sweet.
P.S. The pillows (I purchased two) are my salute to 'Honeysuckle', Pantone's colour for 2011. They look fabulous with grey - like most colours do.
P.S.S. Marathon Man thinks I've made the room 'too girlie' with these pillows. What does he know? Hello, he runs in his bare feet for Chr@#st sake!!!


M said...

The lamp looks really good, again a little class and yet practical - a place to put ones drink/coffee, and the pillow adds a nice touch of colour and texture.
As for 'Marathon Man' ... perhaps he could see it as a nice blend of feminine and masculine decor.

Sue said...

It's looking good, what,s next?

Karen J said...

What's next?
We're thinking about making 'some' changes to our Kitchen!
I'm getting excited just writing about it...

ChrisToronto said...

Awesome makeover, I might have to steal this for styleNorth!

Karen J said...

Steal away Chris.
Who doesn't love a good 'from the trash' story?! Like your amazing dumpster lamp.

Rubbish Removal NYC said...

I think it looks fantastic! I wish I had the at home skill to re-wire lamps and such, home improvement is such a entertaining chore.

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