Thursday, March 15, 2012

Adopting Kate.

Shortly before and then after Rita passed away I told EVERYONE that I needed a break from having dogs. Marathon Man and the girls felt differently (and collectively they're very clever). They wore me down!
'Said break' lasted one week. William (our third dog) will be 10 months at the end of the month.
My next rant was all about not having 2 dogs (again). It's too much work! It's too expensive! And the poo! There's so much more poo to pick up! blah, blah, blah, blah... . With Miss Hannah as their tenacious ringleader I didn't have a chance...
This is Kate. She is a border collie/retriever mix (we think) and she is about 3 months old (we think). She's our new girl. We first saw Kate on February 26th, a couple of days after she was brought into The Humane Society. A week after that she was put in quarantine with a very nasty parasite:(
The bad news is that she can't come home with us for another couple of weeks. The good news is that visitation is open and very flexible, we just have to wear gowns and gloves.
We're all very excited, epecially for William to meet Kate;)

The moral of this story is...
a) Don't listen to Mom when she says no way! not again! forget about it!
b) Collectively we can change Mom's mind.
c) never say never.
d) I'm allowed to change my mind!

Truth is... 1) I love dogs. 2) I miss the dynamics of 2 dogs in our house. 3) Two dogs is easier then one. 4) And yes, collectively they can change my mind - but they don't need to know that!


ChrisToronto said...

Wishing you much love with Wills and Kate. I hope it's a looooooong and happy affair! I'll be following with interest.

Sue said...

She is sooo cute I can't stop looking at her!! I can see why you broke.

M said...

What a face ... what's not to love? It's good to know that Kate is going into a loving, 'democratic' family :)

Sylvia said...

What a sweet puppy! Congrats (??) on the new adoption. She will be such a different dog from a Vizsla & Will but I'm sure she will fit in & provide you with lots of love.